Roofing Options

How do I choose a roofing system for my home?

Water, Wind and Fire

When it comes to your roof, you get what you pay for, not all materials are created the same.  If you want a shingle roof, the best shingle to withstand a hurricane should have a wind rating of ASTM D3161, Class F, or ASTM D7158, Class H or ASTM D3462. However, metal roofing is more resistant in general to wind damage and object impacts, depending on the gauge of metal.
High wind rated architectural shingles as well as metal and tile roofing offer numerous benefits that make them ideal choices for withstanding harsh weather conditions.
Your first line of defense in a great roof is having a solid decking foundation under your shingles or metal.  We will strip your old roof system off to ensure your decking is solid.If any damage is found, it will be replaced before moving forward.
Some hurricanes produce extensive rainfall that can range between 6 & 12 inches.  For the best protection, use a high quality waterproof underlayment under your shingle and metal systems.  Rk roofing offers a synthetic underlayment or a rubberized underlayment.
Investing in durable roofing materials with a high wind resistance and using a licensed, experienced roofing contractor helps insure your home is well protected during the harsh Florida weather and storms.  Even the best materials can be incorrectly installed causing problems down the road.  Our experience and pride in workmanship, plus our 10 year workmanship warranty will put your mind at ease and prove we stand behind our work.

10 year Workmanship guarantee

Does not apply to any weather related events, fallen trees, or acts of God. In addition, this applies soley to the purchasing party and is not transferrable and will be voided if other work is provided by other contractors post project.
A quality roofing system should always offer Class A Fire resistance.  This provides an extra layer of protection from lightning strikes, wild fires, downed power lines and other accidents.


A roof that reflects heat paired with a high quality underlayment will protect your home and lower your energy bill.  This also alleviates stress on your HVAC system, slowing untimely replacement.   Color can contribute to solar reflectivity and emissitivity.  Lighter colors being more reflective.